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The Zambia 1968 5 Ngwee coin, listed under KM#11, is a piece of numismatic history from Zambia. Here's some general information about this coin:

**Zambia 1968 5 Ngwee Coin (KM#11):**

1. **Denomination:** 5 Ngwee - This represents the face value of the coin in the Zambian currency.

2. **Year of Issue:** 1968 - The year the coin was minted.

3. **Composition:** The material from which the coin is made. Commonly, coins are minted in various metals such as copper, nickel, or a combination.

4. **Obverse Design:** The front side (obverse) of the coin typically features a portrait or image representing Zambia or a notable figure.

5. **Reverse Design:** The back side (reverse) of the coin usually includes a design related to Zambia, such as national symbols, wildlife, or other culturally significant elements.

6. **KM Catalog Number (KM#11):** The KM number is a reference in the Krause-Mishler Catalog of World Coins. It helps collectors and researchers identify and categorize different types of coins.

7. **Mintage:** The total quantity of these coins minted during the year. Lower mintages can contribute to a coin's scarcity and potential collector's value.

8. **Condition:** The state of preservation of the coin, ranging from circulated to uncirculated. Uncirculated coins are generally more desirable among collectors.

9. **Collector's Value:** Factors such as rarity, condition, and demand among collectors influence the collector's value of a coin.

**Note:** For more detailed and accurate information about the specific design, metal composition, and other details of the Zambia 1968 5 Ngwee coin KM#11, it is recommended to consult specialized numismatic catalogs, coin dealers, or online numismatic communities where collectors may share insights and experiences related to this particular coin.

Zambia 1968 5 Ngwee Coin KM#11

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