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The Uruguay 100 Pesos banknote from 1971 with the catalog number Pick 47 and in UNC (Uncirculated) condition is a piece of Uruguay's currency history. Here's a general description based on the information provided:


**Uruguay 100 Pesos Banknote - 1971, Pick 47, UNC**

This Uruguay banknote, issued in 1971, holds both historical and numismatic significance. It is denominated at 100 Pesos and is preserved in Uncirculated (UNC) condition, indicating that the note has not been in circulation and remains in pristine condition.

**Key Features:**

1. **Year of Issue:** 1971
2. **Denomination:** 100 Pesos
3. **Catalog Designation:** Pick 47
4. **Condition:** UNC (Uncirculated) - The banknote is in excellent, like-new condition, free from signs of wear or handling.
5. **Obverse Design:** The obverse side likely features artistic elements, portraits, or symbols associated with Uruguay's cultural and historical heritage.
6. **Reverse Design:** The reverse side may showcase additional scenes, landmarks, or symbols representative of Uruguay.
7. **Security Features:** Look for security features incorporated into the banknote, such as watermarks, holographic elements, and other measures designed to prevent counterfeiting.
8. **Serial Number:** Each banknote has a unique serial number, providing a distinct identifier.

**Collector's Note:**
As an Uncirculated 100 Pesos banknote from 1971, this piece is a desirable item among collectors. It represents a snapshot of Uruguay's economic and cultural context during that period.

For more detailed and accurate information about the specific design features, signatures, and any additional security elements on this particular banknote, you may want to refer to specialized numismatic catalogs, official sources such as the Central Bank of Uruguay, or consult with reputable currency experts and dealers. They can provide insights based on the latest market conditions and collector preferences.


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