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The Patriotic Ukrainian 10 UAH Commemorative Coin is a stunning tribute to the country's army forces. Minted in 2021, this coin is an uncirculated piece that is sure to impress collectors and patriots alike.

Featuring a bold design, the coin showcases the Ukrainian coat of arms in the center, surrounded by an intricate wreath of oak and wheat leaves. The words "10 ГРИВЕНЬ" and "2021" are inscribed above and below the emblem, respectively.

On the reverse side, the coin features a powerful image of a Ukrainian soldier in full gear, with a rifle in hand, standing tall against the backdrop of a flag. The words "ЗАХИСТЬ УКРАЇНИ" (Defense of Ukraine) are inscribed above the image, while "УКРАЇНСЬКІ ВІЙСЬКОВІ" (Ukrainian Army Forces) and "10 ГРИВЕНЬ" are inscribed below it.

The coin is made from high-quality metal and is finished with a brilliant, uncirculated sheen that highlights every detail of the design. It comes with a protective plastic capsule to preserve its condition and is an excellent addition to any coin collection or patriotic display.

Overall, the Patriotic Ukrainian 10 UAH Commemorative Coin is a remarkable tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of the country's army forces. With its striking design and high-quality craftsmanship, it is a must-have for any collector or lover of Ukrainian history and culture.

Patriotic Ukrainian 10 UAH Commemorative Coin UA Army Forces 2021 UNC

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