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The 1986 Iraq 25 Dinars banknotes, with the designation P-73, featuring Saddam Hussein and Swiss printing, represent a significant piece of Iraqi currency from the era of Saddam Hussein's regime. Here's some information about them:

- **Denomination**: Each banknote has a face value of 25 Dinars.

- **Design**: The obverse side of the banknotes likely features a portrait of Saddam Hussein, the President of Iraq at the time. The reverse side may feature various symbols, imagery, or scenes significant to Iraq, such as landmarks, agriculture, or industry.

- **Year of Issue**: The banknotes were issued in 1986, during Saddam Hussein's presidency. This was a period of political and economic stability in Iraq, but also a time of international conflict and internal repression.

- **Swiss Printing**: The mention of Swiss printing likely indicates that the banknotes were printed by a Swiss printing company. Many countries, including Iraq, have outsourced the printing of their currency to foreign companies with expertise in security printing.

- **Security Features**: The banknotes may have included security features typical of banknotes produced by reputable printing companies, such as watermarks, security threads, and intricate designs that are difficult to counterfeit.

- **Historical Context**: The era of Saddam Hussein's presidency in Iraq was marked by political repression, human rights abuses, and international conflicts, notably the Iran-Iraq War and the Gulf War. Currency issued during this period often reflects the regime's propaganda and glorification of Saddam Hussein.

- **Collectibility**: Banknotes from this period, especially those featuring Saddam Hussein, are sought after by collectors of Iraqi currency and numismatics enthusiasts. They offer insights into Iraq's history, politics, and culture during Saddam Hussein's regime.

Overall, the 1986 Iraq 25 Dinars banknotes with the P-73 designation and featuring Saddam Hussein and Swiss printing represent a significant piece of Iraqi currency and hold historical and numismatic value.


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