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Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire with the exquisite Ottoman Empire/Turkey 1 Kurush KM735 AH1293 YR.16 Silver Coin, now available at Cool Coins & Notes.

Crafted during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II (1876-1909), this coin serves as a tangible link to a bygone era of splendor and opulence. Minted as a standard circulation coin, it bears witness to the empire's economic vitality and cultural richness.

Made from silver (.833), this coin weighs 1.2027 grams and measures 14.6 millimeters in diameter with a thickness of 0.7 millimeters. Its round shape and meticulously milled edges showcase the fine craftsmanship of the Ottoman mint.

On the obverse, behold the dignified portrait of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, a symbol of imperial authority and leadership. The reverse features intricate design elements and Arabic inscriptions denoting the coin's value of 1 Kurush, reflecting the empire's Islamic heritage.

With its Islamic (Hijri) calendar year of 1293 (1876-1908), this coin embodies the timeless legacy of the Ottoman Empire. While demonetized, it remains a prized treasure for collectors and enthusiasts, offering a glimpse into a fascinating chapter of history.

Don't miss your opportunity to own a piece of Ottoman numismatic heritage. Purchase the Ottoman Empire/Turkey 1 Kurush KM735 AH1293 YR.16 Silver Coin today at Cool Coins & Notes and elevate your collection with a touch of majestic allure.

Ottoman Empire/Turkey 1 Kurush KM735 AH1293 YR.16 Coin Silver .833

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