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**Namibia 30 Namibia Dollars Banknote, 2020, P-18, UNC, Commemorative, Polymer**

Celebrate Namibia's 30 years of independence with this exquisite Namibia 30 Namibia Dollars Banknote, issued in 2020. A true collector's gem, this commemorative note (P-18) is a striking representation of the nation's pride and heritage.

**Key Features:**

- **Uncirculated Condition (UNC):** This banknote is in pristine, uncirculated condition, ensuring its value and beauty are preserved for years to come.
- **Polymer Composition:** Made from durable and flexible polymer, this note is not only resilient but also showcases advanced security features and vibrant colors.
- **Commemorative Design:** The front of the note features an image of Dr. Sam Nujoma, the founding president of Namibia, symbolizing the nation's journey since gaining independence in 1990. The reverse side presents the iconic Parliament building, a testament to Namibia's democratic governance.
- **Unique Serial Number:** Each banknote has a unique serial number, adding to its collectible appeal and authenticity.


- **Country:** Namibia
- **Denomination:** 30 Namibia Dollars
- **Year of Issue:** 2020
- **Pick Number:** P-18
- **Material:** Polymer
- **Condition:** Uncirculated (UNC)

This Namibia 30 Namibia Dollars Banknote is not just currency; it's a piece of history. Perfect for numismatists and collectors alike, it offers a tangible connection to Namibia's rich past and hopeful future. Add this stunning, limited-edition banknote to your collection today and own a piece of Namibia's legacy.

Namibia 30 Namibia Dollars Banknote, 2020, P-18, UNC, Commemorative, Polymer

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