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The Mexico 50 Pesos Banknote from 1963, P-49n.6, is a highly collectible piece of currency that is rich in history and culture. This particular note is in circulated condition and bears the Series ACF designation.

On the obverse side of the banknote, you'll find the portrait of the national hero Jose Maria Morelos, who was a key figure in Mexico's struggle for independence from Spain. The image is set against a beautiful background of intricate designs and patterns, which highlight the country's unique cultural heritage.

The reverse side of the banknote features the iconic Aztec Calendar Stone, which is also known as the Sun Stone. This ancient artifact is a testament to the advanced knowledge and achievements of the Aztec civilization, and it remains a symbol of pride and heritage for the Mexican people.

Overall, the Mexico 50 Pesos Banknote from 1963, P-49n.6, is a fascinating piece of currency that is sure to impress collectors and history buffs alike. With its stunning design and rich cultural significance, this banknote is a must-have for anyone who is passionate about Mexico's unique heritage and legacy.

Mexico 50 Pesos Banknote, 1963, P-49n.6, Circulated, Series ACF

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