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**2011 Mexico 200 Pesos P-125i.2**

Add a piece of modern Mexican history to your collection with the 2011 Mexico 200 Pesos P-125i.2, available at Cool Coins & Notes. This banknote is part of a series that celebrates the Bicentennial of Mexico’s Independence, making it a remarkable and highly collectible item for numismatists and enthusiasts of Mexican currency.

**Key Features:**

- **Historic Significance:** Issued in 2011, this 200 Pesos note commemorates the 200th anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spain. It reflects the nation’s rich cultural heritage and its journey toward sovereignty and self-determination.
- **Artistic Design:** The front of the note features a dynamic image of Miguel Hidalgo, a key figure in the Mexican War of Independence, brandishing the banner of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The reverse side showcases the iconic depiction of the Angel of Independence, a symbol of national pride and freedom.
- **Quality and Condition:** Our 2011 Mexico 200 Pesos notes are in pristine condition, ensuring that their detailed designs and vibrant colors are preserved. Each note is carefully inspected to meet our highest quality standards, making it a valuable addition to any collection.
- **Collectible Value:** As a commemorative issue, the 2011 Mexico 200 Pesos P-125i.2 holds significant collectible value. Its historical context, coupled with its limited issuance, enhances its desirability among collectors of Mexican currency.
- **Dimensions and Specifications:** Measuring 141 x 66 mm, the note features advanced security elements, including a color-changing denomination, a holographic strip, and intricate watermarks, all designed to prevent counterfeiting and ensure authenticity.

**Why Buy from Cool Coins & Notes?**

At Cool Coins & Notes, we pride ourselves on offering a carefully curated selection of rare and historically significant currency from around the world. The 2011 Mexico 200 Pesos P-125i.2 is a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity. Each item in our collection is sourced with care and authenticated to ensure its provenance and condition. We provide exceptional customer service, expert knowledge, and a seamless purchasing experience.

Add the 2011 Mexico 200 Pesos P-125i.2 to your collection today and own a piece of Mexico’s bicentennial celebration. Shop with confidence at Cool Coins & Notes, where history and artistry converge.

Mexico 2011 200 PesosP-125i.2, Used Banknote

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