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### Mexico 20 Pesos Banknote, 2022, P-132f.3, UNC, Commemorative, Polymer

#### Product Description

Celebrate the vibrant history and culture of Mexico with our 2022 Mexico 20 Pesos Banknote, cataloged as P-132f.3. This uncirculated (UNC) polymer note is not only a pristine example of modern currency but also a special commemorative issue, making it a prized addition to any collection. Featuring cutting-edge design and security features, this note exemplifies the beauty and innovation of contemporary Mexican currency.

#### Features:

- **Condition:** Uncirculated (UNC) - This note is in flawless condition, with no signs of wear, preserving its original crispness and vibrant colors.
- **Year of Issue:** 2022
- **Catalog Number:** P-132f.3
- **Material:** Polymer - Durable and resistant to wear, ensuring longevity and preserving the note's pristine state.
- **Type:** Commemorative - Issued to celebrate significant events or milestones, adding extra value and interest to the note.

#### Design Highlights:

- **Obverse:** The front of the note features an intricate design celebrating Mexico's rich history. The primary motif includes a depiction of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, reflecting Mexico's commitment to preserving its natural heritage. The intricate details and vibrant colors bring the design to life, making it a visually captivating piece.
- **Reverse:** The back of the note showcases the historical city of San Francisco de Campeche, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. This design emphasizes Mexico's architectural and cultural heritage, with beautifully rendered images that capture the essence of this historic location.
- **Color Scheme:** A harmonious blend of vibrant hues enhances the visual appeal of this note, ensuring it stands out in any collection.

#### Additional Information:

- **Dimensions:** Standard banknote size, fitting perfectly within any protective sleeve or display case.
- **Security Features:** As a modern polymer note, it includes advanced security features such as transparent windows, color-shifting inks, and intricate patterns, ensuring authenticity and protection against counterfeiting.

#### Why Choose Cool Coins & Notes?

At Cool Coins & Notes, we are dedicated to providing the finest numismatic items from around the globe. Our focus on authenticity, superior customer service, and a vast selection of rare and beautiful currency make us the trusted choice for collectors. Add this exceptional Mexico 20 Pesos Commemorative Banknote to your collection and enjoy the blend of historical significance and modern innovation it represents.

#### Order Yours Today

Enhance your collection with the Mexico 20 Pesos Banknote from 2022, a commemorative piece that celebrates Mexico's rich cultural and natural heritage. Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts alike, this uncirculated polymer note offers a unique glimpse into the beauty and history of Mexico. Secure your pristine banknote today and celebrate the innovation and elegance of Mexican currency.

Mexico 20 Pesos Banknote, 2022, P-132f.3, UNC, Commemorative, Polymer

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