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The 2007 Presidential Dollar Series featuring John Adams is a collection of coins issued by the United States Mint as part of a series commemorating the nation's presidents. Here are some key details about this coin:

- **Year:** The coin was issued in 2007 as part of the inaugural year of the Presidential Dollar Series.

- **Denomination:** The face value of the coin is one dollar.

- **Design:** The obverse side of the coin typically features a portrait of John Adams, the second President of the United States, facing left. The reverse side of the coin features a depiction of the Statue of Liberty, along with the inscription "United States of America" and the face value.

- **Condition:** "UNC" (Uncirculated) indicates that the coin is in pristine condition, as if it had just been issued from the mint. Uncirculated coins typically have no signs of wear, marks, or scratches, and their colors remain vibrant.

The 2007 Presidential Dollar Series featuring John Adams is part of a larger collection of coins honoring all U.S. presidents. These coins are often collected by numismatists and history enthusiasts. If you have an Uncirculated John Adams Presidential Dollar from 2007, it may hold value to collectors, especially if it is well-preserved and accompanied by its original packaging or certificate of authenticity.


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