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The Israel 1978 5 Shekels banknote, with Pick number 44 and graded PMG 64 EPQ, holds both historical and collector's significance. Here is some information about this banknote:

**Israel 5 Shekels Banknote - 1978 (Pick #44):**

1. **Denomination:** 5 Shekels - The face value of the banknote, denominated in Israeli currency.

2. **Year of Issue:** 1978 - The year when the banknote was issued.

3. **Pick Number:** #44 - The Pick number is an identification number assigned to the banknote in the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money (also known as the Pick catalog).

4. **Grading:** PMG 64 EPQ - Professional Coin Grading Service (PMG) graded the banknote as 64 (Choice Uncirculated) and designated it as EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality), indicating that the note is of high quality and has no known physical or chemical issues.

5. **Design:** The design of the banknote typically includes artistic elements, national symbols, and portraits relevant to Israel. Specific design features can vary based on the series and issuing authority.

6. **Signatories:** Banknotes often carry the signatures of officials or authorities associated with the issuing institution, such as the Governor of the Bank of Israel.

7. **Security Features:** Banknotes may include various security features to prevent counterfeiting. These features can include watermarks, holographic elements, and specialized printing techniques.

8. **Condition:** Grading services assess the overall condition of the banknote, taking into account factors such as wear, folds, and other signs of handling.

9. **Collector's Value:** Graded banknotes, especially those with high grades like PMG 64, are often sought after by collectors. The EPQ designation adds to the desirability, indicating exceptional paper quality.

10. **Numismatic References:** To obtain more detailed information about the specific features, historical background, and collector's value of the Israel 1978 5 Shekels banknote (Pick #44), you may refer to the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, auction records, or seek guidance from experienced numismatists specializing in Israeli currency.

If you have the banknote in hand and want more precise information, you may consider consulting with a professional numismatist or referring to online numismatic forums where collectors share insights and experiences related to specific banknotes.

Israel 1978 5 Shekels Pick # 44 PMG 64 EPQ Banknotes

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