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**England 20 Pounds 2004 P-390b – A Timeless Piece of British Currency**

**A Classic Note for Discerning Collectors**

Cool Coins & Notes is delighted to offer the England 20 Pounds 2004 banknote (P-390b), a distinguished piece that captures the elegance and heritage of British currency. This banknote, issued by the Bank of England, is a cherished item for collectors who appreciate both the artistry and historical significance of paper money.

- **Front Design:** The front of the note prominently features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, a symbol of stability and continuity. The background includes a detailed vignette of the Bank of England headquarters, reflecting the institution's long-standing role in the nation's financial system.
- **Back Design:** The reverse side celebrates the legacy of the renowned British economist Adam Smith, depicted with a background scene illustrating the division of labor in a pin factory, inspired by his seminal work, "The Wealth of Nations."
- **Dimensions:** The note measures 149 x 80 mm, a standard size that balances portability with ample space for intricate design elements.
- **Security Features:** To prevent counterfeiting, the note includes several advanced security features such as a holographic strip, a watermark of Queen Elizabeth II, a security thread, and microlettering.

**Historical Significance:**
Issued in 2004, the P-390b series of the 20 Pounds note underscores the Bank of England's commitment to blending tradition with innovation. The inclusion of Adam Smith, often hailed as the father of modern economics, highlights Britain's intellectual heritage and its impact on global economic thought.

Our England 20 Pounds 2004 banknotes are in uncirculated condition, ensuring that each note is free from any wear or damage. We take great care in handling and storing these notes to preserve their pristine quality and collectible value.

**Why Add This Note to Your Collection?**
The England 20 Pounds 2004 (P-390b) is more than just a piece of currency; it is a representation of British history and economic philosophy. Its elegant design and historical connections make it a valuable addition to any collection of British or world banknotes. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting your journey into numismatics, this note offers both aesthetic pleasure and historical depth.

Order your England 20 Pounds 2004 P-390b today from Cool Coins & Notes, and own a timeless piece of British heritage. At Cool Coins & Notes, we are committed to offering high-quality, authentic banknotes to collectors around the globe.

England 20 Pounds 2004 P-390b, Used Banknote

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