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The Czechoslovakia 20 Korun banknote, identified by the reference P-95 and dated 1988, represents a significant piece of Czechoslovakian currency history. Here's a brief overview of this circulated banknote:

1. **Denomination and Currency**: The banknote has a denomination of 20 Korun. The Koruna, or Crown, was the official currency of Czechoslovakia before the dissolution of the country in 1993. It played a crucial role in the country's economy and financial transactions.

2. **Date of Issue**: This banknote was issued in 1988, indicating the time when it entered circulation. Understanding the historical context of its issuance can provide insights into the economic and political landscape of Czechoslovakia during that period.

3. **Variety**: The reference "P-95" denotes the specific variety or version of the banknote as cataloged by numismatic standards. It helps collectors identify and differentiate between different versions of banknotes issued by Czechoslovakia.

4. **Design**: The design of the banknote typically features various elements that reflect Czechoslovakian culture, history, and national identity. These may include portraits of prominent figures, architectural landmarks, national symbols, and scenes depicting daily life or significant events.

5. **Condition**: Described as "circulated," this banknote has been previously used in financial transactions and has likely passed through multiple hands. As a result, it may show signs of wear and tear, such as creases, folds, discoloration, or minor damage. The overall condition can affect its collectible value.

6. **Collectibility**: Banknotes from Czechoslovakia, especially those from the late 20th century, are sought after by collectors for their historical significance and aesthetic appeal. They offer a tangible connection to Czechoslovakia's past and serve as valuable artifacts of its cultural and economic heritage.

Owning a Czechoslovakia 20 Korun P-95 1988 banknote allows collectors to appreciate the country's rich history and contributes to the preservation of its numismatic legacy. It's a fascinating piece of world currency that adds depth and diversity to any collection.

Czechoslovakia 20 Korun P-95 1988 Circulated WORLD Currency Money BANK NOTE

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