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The Costa Rica 5 Colones banknote from 1983, designated as P-236d, is a significant piece of Costa Rican currency history.

Crafted during a period of economic growth and stability in Costa Rica, this banknote represents a time of progress and development for the country. The 5 Colones denomination was one of the lower values of Costa Rican currency during that era, commonly used in everyday transactions.

Featuring intricate designs and symbolic imagery, the Costa Rica 5 Colones P-236d banknote showcases elements of Costa Rican culture, history, and national identity. Each detail tells a story of resilience, unity, and the enduring spirit of the Costa Rican people.

Whether you're a collector of world currencies or someone interested in Costa Rican history, this banknote offers a captivating glimpse into Costa Rica's economic landscape and cultural heritage during the early 1980s. Add a piece of Costa Rican history to your collection with the Costa Rica 5 Colones P-236d banknote, a testament to the country's journey towards progress and prosperity.

Costa Rica 1983 5 Colones P-236d UNC, Banknote

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