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The 2013 Canada $5 banknote, in used condition, is a common denomination of Canadian currency. Here are some key details about this banknote:

- **Denomination:** The banknote has a face value of $5 CAD, representing its worth in the Canadian currency system at the time of issuance.

- **Date:** It was issued in 2013.

- **Design:** The obverse side of the banknote typically features a portrait of a prominent figure, in this case, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who was the seventh Prime Minister of Canada. The reverse side may showcase significant Canadian symbols, landmarks, or themes.

- **Condition:** "Used" condition indicates that the banknote has been previously circulated and may show signs of wear such as folds, creases, minor tears, or soiling. The extent of wear can vary depending on the number of times the banknote has been handled and circulated.

The 2013 Canada $5 banknote, even in used condition, is still a valid and legal tender and can be exchanged at face value at most financial institutions in Canada. If you have any further questions or need more information, feel free to ask!

2013 Canada $5 Dollars Banknote, Used

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