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Delve into the charming world of numismatics with the exquisite 1964 Jersey 1/12th Shilling KM# 21 Choice BU RED Coin, now available at Cool Coins & Notes.

Crafted in 1964, this coin hails from the British Crown dependencies of Jersey, boasting a timeless design and exceptional quality. With a limited mintage of 1,200,000, each coin is a precious artifact that captures the essence of Jersey's numismatic heritage.

Featuring a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned from 1952 to 2022, this standard circulation coin reflects the elegance and sophistication of the era. Struck in bronze, it weighs 9.5 grams and measures 30.8 millimeters in diameter with a thickness of 1.7 millimeters, boasting a classic round shape and meticulously milled edges.

This Choice BU RED coin exhibits a lustrous red hue, indicative of its pristine condition and superb uncirculated quality. With its exquisite design and limited availability, it is a coveted treasure for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Don't miss your opportunity to own a piece of Jersey's numismatic history. Purchase the 1964 Jersey 1/12th Shilling KM# 21 Choice BU RED Coin today at Cool Coins & Notes and elevate your collection with its timeless charm and elegance.

1964 Jersey 1/12 th of a Shilling KM# 21 -Choice BU RED Collector Coin 1 Coin

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