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**1942 Dutch East Indies 5 Gulden Banknote - Japansche Regeering - P-124c - UNC/AU**

Acquire a significant piece of World War II history with the 1942 Dutch East Indies 5 Gulden banknote, issued by the Japanese government during their occupation, P-124c, available in uncirculated to about uncirculated (UNC/AU) condition. Available at Cool Coins & Notes, this note offers a tangible connection to a tumultuous period in Southeast Asia's history.

**Key Features:**

- **Historic Significance:** Issued in 1942 during the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), this 5 Gulden banknote represents a period of significant conflict and change. The note was part of the Japanese efforts to establish control over the local economy and replace the existing currency with occupation money.
- **Artistic Design:** The obverse of the note features intricate designs and traditional motifs, reflecting the influence of Japanese and local aesthetics. The inscriptions are in Dutch, with "Japansche Regeering" (Japanese Government) prominently displayed, signifying the occupying authority. The reverse side typically features additional patterns and motifs, enhancing its historical and artistic value.
- **Quality and Condition:** This 1942 Dutch East Indies 5 Gulden banknote is in uncirculated to about uncirculated (UNC/AU) condition, ensuring it retains its original crispness, vibrant colors, and sharp details. Each note undergoes meticulous inspection to meet our high-quality standards, guaranteeing its authenticity and collectible value.
- **Collectible Value:** The 1942 Dutch East Indies 5 Gulden banknote (P-124c) is highly sought after by collectors for its historical context, rarity, and unique design. Its UNC/AU status enhances its appeal, making it a valuable addition to any collection of World War II or Southeast Asian currency.
- **Dimensions and Specifications:** Measuring approximately 140 x 70 mm, the note includes security features typical of its time, such as watermarks and intricate engravings. The craftsmanship reflects the printing techniques and artistic standards of wartime currency production.

**Why Buy from Cool Coins & Notes?**

At Cool Coins & Notes, we pride ourselves on offering a meticulously curated selection of rare and historically significant currency from around the world. The 1942 Dutch East Indies 5 Gulden - Japansche Regeering - P-124c UNC/AU exemplifies our commitment to quality and authenticity. Each item in our collection is sourced with care and authenticated to ensure its provenance and condition. We provide exceptional customer service, expert knowledge, and a seamless purchasing experience.

Add the 1942 Dutch East Indies 5 Gulden - Japansche Regeering - P-124c UNC/AU to your collection today and own a piece of World War II history. Shop with confidence at Cool Coins & Notes, where history and artistry converge.

1942 Indie Netherlands of Japansche Regeering 5 Gulden P-124c World Banknote

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