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The 1920 Siberia 50 Rubles banknote is likely to be associated with the period of the Russian Civil War when various factions, including anti-Bolshevik forces, issued their own currency. Here are some general details:

1. **Region:** Siberia - The issuance of separate banknotes in Siberia during the Russian Civil War was common as different factions controlled various territories.

2. **Denomination:** 50 Rubles - The face value of the banknote.

3. **Year of Issue:** 1920 - The year when the banknote was issued.

4. **Historical Context:** The Russian Civil War (1918–1922) involved multiple factions and foreign interventions. Different regions, including Siberia, saw the issuance of local currencies by various authorities or governments.

5. **Collector's Value:** Banknotes from the Russian Civil War period, especially those from regions like Siberia, can be of interest to collectors. The condition, rarity, and historical context of the banknote can influence its collector's value.

6. **Design Elements:** Explore the design of the banknote, including any portraits, symbols, or scenes depicted. Banknotes from this period may reflect the political and social upheaval in Russia.

If you have specific details about the design, signatures, or any unique features of the 1920 Siberia 50 Rubles banknote, it would provide more insights into its historical and collector's value. If you are a collector or looking to learn more about the banknote, consulting specialized numismatic literature, catalogs, or reaching out to experts in the field can provide additional information.

1920 Siberia 50 Rubels Banknote

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