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**1915 Oaxaca, Mexico 1 Peso Banknote - P-S953a - VF**

Acquire a significant piece of Mexican revolutionary history with the 1915 Oaxaca, Mexico 1 Peso banknote, P-S953a, available in very fine (VF) condition. At Cool Coins & Notes, we offer this rare and historically rich note that reflects the turbulent times of early 20th-century Mexico.

**Key Features:**

- **Historic Significance:** Issued in 1915, during the Mexican Revolution, this 1 Peso note from Oaxaca captures a period marked by political upheaval and social transformation. The note is a testament to the local efforts to sustain the economy amidst the national conflict and the struggle for stability.
- **Artistic Design:** The obverse of the note features detailed engravings typical of early 20th-century Mexican banknotes, with intricate patterns and the denomination prominently displayed. The design includes elements that reflect the regional identity and cultural heritage of Oaxaca. The reverse side often includes ornate borders and motifs, emphasizing the artistic craftsmanship of the era.
- **Quality and Condition:** This 1915 Oaxaca, Mexico 1 Peso banknote is in very fine (VF) condition, indicating moderate circulation with some signs of wear but retaining much of its original detail and integrity. Each note undergoes rigorous inspection to meet our high-quality standards, guaranteeing its authenticity and collectible value.
- **Collectible Value:** The 1915 Oaxaca, Mexico 1 Peso banknote (P-S953a) is highly sought after by collectors for its historical significance, rarity, and unique design. Its very fine condition enhances its appeal, making it a valuable addition to any collection of Mexican or revolutionary-era currency.
- **Dimensions and Specifications:** Typical of banknotes from the early 20th century, this note features security elements and artistic styles reflective of its time. The craftsmanship demonstrates the printing techniques and artistic standards of the period, providing both historical and aesthetic value.

**Why Buy from Cool Coins & Notes?**

At Cool Coins & Notes, we pride ourselves on offering a meticulously curated selection of rare and historically significant currency from around the world. The 1915 Oaxaca, Mexico 1 Peso - P-S953a VF exemplifies our commitment to quality and authenticity. Each item in our collection is sourced with care and authenticated to ensure its provenance and condition. We provide exceptional customer service, expert knowledge, and a seamless purchasing experience.

Add the 1915 Oaxaca, Mexico 1 Peso - P-S953a VF to your collection today and own a piece of Mexican revolutionary history. Shop with confidence at Cool Coins & Notes, where history and artistry converge.

1915 Oaxaca, Mexico 1 Peso P S953a, Used World Banknote

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