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The 1874 10 Cent Fractional Currency Note, belonging to the *Fifth Issue* and featuring a Green Seal, is a notable piece of American currency history. Here's an overview of this intriguing banknote:

1. **Denomination**: This fractional currency note carries a denomination of 10 cents, representing a fractional portion of a U.S. dollar. Fractional currency notes were issued during the Civil War and post-war periods to address a shortage of coins.

2. **Fifth Issue**: The *Fifth Issue* of fractional currency notes was authorized by the U.S. Congress in 1874. These notes were smaller in size compared to earlier emissions and featured intricate designs to deter counterfeiting.

3. **Green Seal**: The Green Seal on the banknote indicates its denomination and distinguishes it from other denominations within the same series. The color-coding of seals helped facilitate quick recognition and sorting of fractional currency notes.

4. **Design**: Fractional currency notes of the Fifth Issue typically featured intricate geometric patterns, ornate borders, and allegorical figures. The designs varied across denominations but often included patriotic motifs such as eagles and shields.

5. **Condition**: The banknote's condition is described as VF (Very Fine), indicating that it exhibits moderate wear consistent with circulation but still retains considerable detail and legibility. Despite signs of handling, the note remains intact and collectible.

6. **Historical Significance**: Fractional currency played a crucial role in facilitating daily transactions during the post-Civil War era when coin shortages were prevalent. These notes reflect the economic challenges and innovations of the time.

Overall, the 1874 10 Cent Fractional Currency Note VF *Fifth Issue* Green Seal Banknote serves as a tangible artifact of American monetary history, offering collectors a glimpse into the country's past currency systems and economic evolution.

1874 10 Cent Fractional Currency Note *Fifth Issue* Green Seal Banknote

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