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The 1869 15 cent U.S. Fractional Currency Note from the 4th Issue, designated as Fr# 1267, is a fascinating piece of American numismatic history. Here are some key details about this banknote:

1. **Denomination and Issue:** This fractional currency note has a face value of 15 cents and belongs to the 4th Issue of U.S. Fractional Currency. Fractional currency notes were issued during the Civil War due to a shortage of coins.

2. **Catalog Designation (Fr# 1267):** The Fr# 1267 is a reference number assigned to this specific fractional currency note in numismatic catalogs. This number helps collectors and researchers identify and categorize different types of currency.

3. **Design Details:** Explore the design elements of the note, including the intricate artwork, portraits, and any allegorical or historical scenes. Fractional currency notes often featured notable figures and patriotic imagery.

4. **Condition:** Assess the overall condition of the banknote. Factors such as wear, folds, discoloration, and the presence of any damage can impact its numismatic value. A well-preserved note is typically more desirable among collectors.

5. **Serial Number:** Examine the serial number on the note. In some cases, collectors may find notes with low or unique serial numbers more appealing.

6. **Inscriptions and Signatures:** Look for inscriptions and signatures, including those of government officials or engravers. These details provide additional historical context to the note.

7. **Historical Context:** Consider the historical context in which the note was issued. The 4th Issue of fractional currency notes in 1869 was part of the government's efforts to address the coin shortage during the post-Civil War era.

8. **Collector's Value:** Fractional currency notes, especially those from different issues, are valued by collectors for their historical significance and scarcity. The rarity and demand for specific issues can influence their collector's value.

As with any collectible currency, the specific condition, rarity, and demand in the market will contribute to the value of the 1869 15 cent U.S. Fractional Currency Note, Fr# 1267. If you are considering acquiring or selling this banknote, consulting with a numismatic expert or appraiser can provide more detailed insights into its current market value.

1869 15 cent US Fractional 4th Issue Fr# 1267 Banknote

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