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Introducing the Zambia 1983 2 Ngwee Coin UNC KM 10.a, a stunning addition to any numismatic collection! This coin, struck in 1983, is made of copper-nickel and features a beautifully detailed design on both sides.

On the obverse side, the coin features the national emblem of Zambia, which includes a representation of a soaring eagle and a depiction of Victoria Falls, one of the world's largest waterfalls. The words "Republic of Zambia" are inscribed in bold letters at the top of the emblem, while the denomination "2 Ngwee" is displayed in smaller letters at the bottom.

The reverse side of the coin displays the coat of arms of Zambia, featuring a shield with an image of a crossed pick and hoe, symbolizing the country's mining and agriculture industries. The shield is flanked by two African fish eagles, a representation of Zambia's abundant birdlife, and is topped by a depiction of a Black Lechwe antelope, a species that is native to the country's marshlands. The year of issue, "1983", is inscribed at the bottom of the coin.

This Zambia 1983 2 Ngwee Coin UNC KM 10.a is in uncirculated condition, meaning it has never been used as currency and retains its original luster and detail. It has a diameter of 23mm and weighs 4.50 grams.

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of Zambia's rich history with this stunning coin!

Zambia 1983 2 Ngwee Coin UNC KM 10.a

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