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The Vietnam 1955 ND 100 Dong P-8a banknote is a historical currency issued by the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam). Here are some key points about this banknote:

1. **Design**: The obverse side typically features the coat of arms of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam along with various design elements representing the country's culture and history. The reverse side usually showcases scenes or symbols significant to Vietnam.

2. **Date**: "ND" stands for "No Date," meaning the banknote does not have a specific date printed on it. Instead, it is commonly referred to as being from the year 1955, which signifies the period when this series of banknotes was issued.

3. **Denomination**: The banknote has a face value of 100 Dong. Dong is the official currency of Vietnam.

4. **Catalog Number**: P-8a is the catalog number used by collectors and currency enthusiasts to identify this specific banknote.

5. **Condition**: The condition of the banknote is crucial for determining its value. An UNC (Uncirculated) banknote would be in pristine condition, free from any folds, creases, or other signs of wear.

Given the historical significance and rarity of this banknote, it may hold value to collectors of Vietnamese currency or historical memorabilia. If you're interested in purchasing or selling this banknote, it's recommended to consult with a reputable currency dealer or collector to obtain an accurate valuation. They can also provide insights into its authenticity and market demand.

Vietnam 1955 ND 100 Dong P-8a Banknote, Used

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