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Introducing the rare and highly sought-after Venezuela 100000 (100,000) Bolivares, 2017 P-New C-Prefix UNC banknote. This remarkable note is in uncirculated condition, meaning that it has never been used in commerce or handled by the public. Its pristine condition, coupled with its rare P-New C-Prefix designation, make it a valuable addition to any currency collection.

The front of this banknote features the image of Simon Bolivar, a revered leader in the fight for Venezuelan independence, along with a colorful design that pays homage to the country's vibrant culture. The back of the note showcases the image of Angel Falls, the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall, which is located in Venezuela.

This 100,000 Bolivares banknote is legal tender in Venezuela and was issued in 2017 during a time of significant economic and political turmoil in the country. As a result, this note has become increasingly rare and valuable over time, making it a unique investment opportunity for currency collectors and investors alike.

This banknote is protected by a clear, acid-free currency sleeve to ensure its preservation and prevent any damage. It's an excellent gift for a currency collector or a great way to start your own collection.

In conclusion, the Venezuela 100000 (100,000) Bolivares, 2017 P-New C-Prefix UNC banknote is a rare and valuable piece of currency that represents a significant moment in Venezuelan history. Its pristine condition, striking design, and scarcity make it a must-have for any currency collector or investor looking to diversify their portfolio.

Venezuela 100000 (100,000) Bolivares, 2017 P-New C-Prefix UNC

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