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The Ukraine 2020 10 Hryven coin commemorating the "Remembrance Day of the Fallen Defenders" with the theme of the sunflower is a poignant tribute to those who sacrificed their lives. Here's a general description based on the information provided:


**Ukraine 10 Hryven Coin - Remembrance Day of the Fallen Defenders 2020**

Issued in 2020, this Ukrainian 10 Hryven coin serves as a heartfelt remembrance of the Fallen Defenders, featuring the symbolic sunflower.

**Key Features:**

1. **Year of Issue:** 2020
2. **Denomination:** 10 Hryven (Ukrainian currency)
3. **Theme:** Remembrance Day of the Fallen Defenders
4. **Design Element:** The coin likely showcases a design centered around the sunflower, symbolizing resilience, remembrance, and a connection to nature.
5. **Condition:** UNC (Uncirculated) - The coin is in pristine condition, exhibiting no signs of wear, with well-defined details.
6. **Obverse Design:** Look for any national symbols, inscriptions, or additional motifs on the obverse side, representing the cultural and historical identity of Ukraine.
7. **Reverse Design:** The reverse side may display the denomination, intricate patterns, or other commemorative elements related to the theme.
8. **Mintage:** Information about the total quantity of coins minted, influencing its availability and collector's appeal.

**Collector's Note:**
As a UNC coin dedicated to the Remembrance Day of the Fallen Defenders, this piece holds cultural and emotional significance. Commemorative coins often become cherished items for collectors, reflecting historical events and national sentiments.

For more detailed information about the specific design details, symbolism of the sunflower, or any additional historical context on this particular coin, you may want to refer to official sources such as the National Bank of Ukraine, numismatic catalogs, or consult with reputable coin experts and collectors specializing in Ukrainian coins. They can provide insights into the artistic aspects and cultural symbolism of the coin.


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