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The South Korea 1971 10 Won Coin is a beautiful piece of currency that is both historic and collectible. Made from copper-nickel, this coin features an intricate design that is sure to catch the eye of any numismatist or history buff.

On the obverse side of the coin, you will find the image of a phoenix, a mythical bird that is often associated with rebirth and renewal. The phoenix is depicted in mid-flight, with its wings fully extended, and is surrounded by the Korean text that reads "Daehan Minguk" (Republic of Korea).

The reverse side of the coin showcases the Korean numerals "10" and "Won" above the year of minting, 1971. The design is completed with a sprig of rice, which is an important symbol of prosperity and abundance in Korean culture.

At a diameter of 26mm and a weight of 4 grams, this coin is both substantial and easy to handle. It has been well-preserved and is in excellent condition, with a bright, lustrous surface that is sure to delight any collector.

Overall, the South Korea 1971 10 Won Coin is a fantastic addition to any coin collection, whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting out. With its intricate design and rich history, it is a piece that is sure to spark conversation and fascination for years to come.

South Korea 1971 10 Won Coin

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