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The USSR 1923 100 Rubles banknote, known as the First Issue and designated Pick-161, represents a significant artifact from the early years of the Soviet Union. Here's an overview of this remarkable piece of history:

1. **Denomination and Currency**: The banknote carries a denomination of 100 Rubles, symbolizing a substantial value within the monetary system of the Soviet Union during its formative years. Rubles served as the primary currency for daily transactions and economic activities.

2. **Date of Issue**: Issued in 1923, this banknote reflects the period of post-revolutionary reconstruction and economic stabilization in the Soviet Union. The year 1923 marked a critical phase in the consolidation of power by the Bolsheviks and the establishment of socialist policies in various aspects of Soviet society.

3. **Design Elements**: The banknote features intricate design elements typical of early Soviet currency, including revolutionary symbols, allegorical representations of labor and industry, and portraits of prominent figures such as Vladimir Lenin or workers and peasants. These design elements reflect the ideological principles and aspirations of the Soviet government.

4. **Variety**: Designated as Pick-161 in the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, this banknote is distinguished by its specific design, size, and serial number format. Varieties may exist based on differences in printing characteristics, watermark variations, or serial number formats, contributing to their collectibility.

5. **Historical Context**: Banknotes from the early years of the USSR are highly sought after by collectors and historians due to their importance in documenting the political, social, and economic developments of the period. They provide valuable insights into the revolutionary transformation of Russia into the Soviet Union and the implementation of socialist policies.

Acquiring a USSR 1923 100 Rubles banknote enriches any collection with its historical significance and aesthetic appeal. It serves as a tangible artifact of the Soviet Union's formative years and offers a glimpse into the economic challenges and transformations of the early Soviet era.

USSR 1923 100 Rubles, First Issue. Pick - 161, Used World Banknote

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