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The Russia East Siberia 25 Rubles banknote from 1918, designated as Pick# S-1248, is a fascinating piece of history from the tumultuous period of the Russian Civil War. Here's an overview of this historical banknote:

1. **Denomination and Currency**: The banknote carries a denomination of 25 Rubles, which was the official currency of Russia during this period of political instability and transition.

2. **Year of Issue**: It was issued in 1918, during the height of the Russian Civil War, a conflict marked by intense fighting and political upheaval across the vast territories of Russia.

3. **Design Elements**: The obverse side of the banknote likely features intricate designs related to commerce, such as depictions of trade goods, merchant ships, or other symbols representing economic activity. The reverse side may showcase additional motifs or symbols relevant to the region of East Siberia.

4. **Security Features**: Banknotes from this era may incorporate basic security features to deter counterfeiting, such as intricate engravings, watermarks, or specialized paper.

5. **Condition**: The condition of the banknote can vary, ranging from circulated to uncirculated. A banknote designated as Pick# S-1248 is likely to be in collectible condition, potentially graded by a numismatic authority to assess its quality and preservation.

6. **Historical Context**: The issuance of this banknote occurred during a challenging and chaotic period in Russian history, as various factions vied for control amid the collapse of the Russian Empire and the Bolshevik Revolution. East Siberia, as part of the wider context of the Russian Civil War, had its own unique dynamics and challenges.

7. **Collectible Value**: Banknotes from the Russian Civil War era, especially those with historical significance and in good condition, are highly sought after by collectors interested in numismatics and Russian history.

Overall, the Russia East Siberia 25 Rubles banknote offers a tangible connection to the events and complexities of the Russian Civil War, making it a valuable and intriguing collectible for enthusiasts and historians alike.

Russia East Siberia 25 Rubles 1918 P#S-1248"Commerce"

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