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Introducing the Russia 1991 5 Ruble Coin featuring the iconic figure of David of Sassun and a majestic horse, now available in an uncirculated condition. This coin is a stunning tribute to the medieval Armenian epic hero, David of Sassun, who fought against invading forces to protect his homeland.

Crafted with precision and care, this coin showcases the equestrian statue of David of Sassun mounted on a horse, which symbolizes courage, strength, and resilience. The intricate details of the design are highlighted by the use of high-quality metals and finishes, making it a prized possession for any collector.

This 5 Ruble coin is made of nickel-plated steel and has a diameter of 23 mm. The obverse side features the emblem of the Russian Federation, with the year of issue and the denomination inscribed in Cyrillic script. The reverse side showcases the beautiful design of David of Sassun riding on his horse, with the inscription "Давид Сасунский" (David of Sassun) and "5 РУБЛЕЙ" (5 Rubles) below.

This uncirculated coin is in pristine condition, free of any wear and tear, and comes with a protective capsule to preserve its value and beauty for years to come. It makes an excellent addition to any coin collection, a thoughtful gift for history enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship.

Get your hands on this rare and valuable Russia 1991 5 Ruble Coin featuring David of Sassun and his horse, and experience the history and legacy of this legendary hero in the palm of your hands.

Russia 1991 5 Ruble Coin David of Sassun Horse Uncirculated

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