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Dive into the tumultuous era of post-revolutionary Russia with our pristine offering: the Russia 1919 50 Kopeks UNC World Banknote, now available at Cool Coins & Notes.

1. **Denomination and Currency**: This banknote holds a face value of 50 Kopeks, reflecting the currency used in Russia during the early years of the Soviet regime.
2. **Year of Issue**: The banknote dates back to 1919, a pivotal time in Russian history marked by the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution and the subsequent establishment of the Soviet Union.
3. **Uncirculated Condition**: Our banknote is in UNC (Uncirculated) condition, preserving its original crispness and immaculate appearance. This makes it an ideal addition to any collector's treasury or a fascinating piece for those intrigued by Russian history.
4. **Historical Significance**: The year 1919 saw the consolidation of power by the Bolsheviks under Vladimir Lenin, as well as the intensification of the Russian Civil War. The banknote serves as a tangible artifact from this period of political upheaval and social transformation.
5. **Iconic Design**: Adorned with iconic symbols of the Soviet regime, the banknote's design reflects the ideals and aspirations of the new communist state, offering a glimpse into the propaganda and imagery of the time.
6. **Collector's Item**: Banknotes from early Soviet Russia are highly sought after by collectors due to their historical significance and scarcity. This meticulously preserved 1919 50 Kopeks banknote is sure to be a prized addition to any collection.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of Russian history. Add the Russia 1919 50 Kopeks UNC World Banknote to your collection today, exclusively at Cool Coins & Notes.

Russia 1919 50 Kopeks UNC P-S828 Siberia & Urals World Banknote

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