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The Philippines 2 Piso coin from 1983 is made of copper-nickel and is cataloged under KM#244. Here are some details about this coin:

1. **Country:** Philippines - The nation associated with the issuance of the coin.
2. **Denomination:** 2 Piso - The face value of the coin.

3. **Year of Issue:** 1983 - The year when the coin was minted.

4. **Metal Composition:** Copper-nickel - This indicates the primary materials used in the coin's composition.

5. **Catalog Designation (KM#244):** The catalog number (KM#244) is a reference used by collectors and numismatists to identify and categorize the coin. It is part of the Krause-Mishler catalog, a standard catalog for world coins.

6. **Design:** The design of the coin typically features national symbols, portraits, or other relevant motifs. In the case of the Philippines, the design might include elements reflecting its culture, history, or national identity.

7. **Historical Context:** Coins often reflect the historical context of the period in which they were minted. In 1983, the Philippines was undergoing political changes and economic development.

To assess its collector's value or historical significance in more detail, you may want to consider consulting with numismatic experts or referring to specialized catalogs and literature on Philippine coins. The condition of the coin, any specific mintmarks, and its rarity can also influence its collector's value.

Philippines, 2 Piso, 1983, Copper-nickel, KM:244

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