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The Peru 5000 Soles de Oro banknote from 1985, specifically P-117, in UNC (Uncirculated) condition is a piece of Peruvian currency with historical and collector's value. Here's some general information about this banknote:

**Peru 5000 Soles de Oro Banknote - P-117, 1985:**

1. **Denomination:** 5000 Soles de Oro - The face value of the banknote, denominated in Peruvian Soles de Oro.

2. **Year of Issue:** 1985 - The year when the banknote was issued.

3. **Catalog Designation (P-117):** The catalog number helps identify and categorize the banknote in numismatic catalogs.

4. **Condition:** UNC (Uncirculated) - This designation indicates that the banknote is in pristine condition, having not been used in regular transactions.

5. **Design:** The design of the banknote typically includes artistic elements, portraits, and symbols representing Peru's cultural and historical heritage. Specific design features can vary based on the series and issuing authority.

6. **Signatories:** Banknotes often carry the signatures of officials or authorities associated with the issuing institution, such as the President of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru.

7. **Security Features:** UNC banknotes usually retain their original security features, which can include watermarks, holographic elements, and other anti-counterfeiting measures.

8. **Historical Context:** Consider the historical and economic context of Peru during 1985, as it can provide insights into the reasons for issuing this particular banknote.

9. **Collector's Value:** UNC banknotes are generally more desirable among collectors, and factors such as rarity, historical significance, and the condition of the note contribute to its collector's value.

10. **Numismatic References:** To obtain more detailed information about the specific features, historical background, and collector's value of the Peru 5000 Soles de Oro P-117 banknote from 1985, it is advisable to consult specialized numismatic catalogs, auction records, or seek guidance from experienced numismatists who specialize in Peruvian currency.

If you have the banknote in hand and want more precise information, you may consider consulting with a professional numismatist or referring to online numismatic forums where collectors share insights and experiences related to specific banknotes.

PERU 1985 5000 SOLES DE ORO P-117 UNC From Lot

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