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Discover the captivating beauty of Papua New Guinea with the 1996 2 Kina polymer banknote, available in UNC (Uncirculated) condition at Cool Coins & Notes. This remarkable banknote showcases the unique cultural and natural heritage of Papua New Guinea, making it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Key features of the Papua New Guinea 2 Kina polymer banknote include:

1. **Denomination and Currency**: The banknote carries a denomination of 2 Kina, serving as a significant unit of currency in Papua New Guinea's monetary system.

2. **Year of Issue**: Issued in 1996, this banknote reflects Papua New Guinea's commitment to innovation and modernization in its currency design.

3. **Polymer Composition**: Crafted from durable polymer material, this banknote offers enhanced durability and longevity compared to traditional paper banknotes. The use of polymer ensures resistance to tearing, moisture, and other forms of damage, preserving its quality over time.

4. **Design Elements**: The obverse side of the banknote features iconic imagery representing Papua New Guinea's rich cultural heritage, including traditional motifs, cultural artifacts, or significant landmarks. The reverse side may showcase the country's diverse natural landscapes, wildlife, or other elements unique to the region.

5. **UNC Condition**: The banknote is in UNC (Uncirculated) condition, ensuring its pristine appearance and quality. UNC banknotes are highly sought after by collectors for their crispness and lack of wear, making them valuable additions to any collection.

6. **Collector's Item**: Whether you're a seasoned collector of world banknotes or someone fascinated by Papua New Guinea's culture and history, this banknote holds significant appeal. It serves as a tangible representation of Papua New Guinea's cultural and natural splendor, offering a window into the country's identity and heritage.

Enrich your collection with the beauty and cultural significance of Papua New Guinea's 2 Kina polymer banknote. Order now from Cool Coins & Notes and embark on a journey through the captivating landscapes and traditions of this Pacific island nation!

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, 2 KINA, polymer, 1996, P-16 (16b) UNC

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