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The Norway 1964 1 Ore Bronze Coin is a striking and historically significant piece of numismatic art. This coin, struck in brilliant Uncirculated (UNC) condition, is a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of Norway's finest artisans.

Featuring a beautiful design, this coin showcases Norway's national emblem, the crowned lion, on the obverse, while the reverse depicts the denomination and the year of minting. Measuring 16mm in diameter and weighing approximately 1.5 grams, this coin is a perfect addition to any collection, whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out.

Made from a high-quality bronze alloy, the Norway 1964 1 Ore Coin is durable, with a unique and distinctive feel. The coin's design and condition are exceptional, with no visible wear or blemishes, making it an excellent choice for both collectors and investors.

As a piece of Norwegian history, the Norway 1964 1 Ore Bronze Coin is a valuable and unique keepsake. Whether you're an experienced coin collector or simply looking to start a new hobby, this coin is sure to impress and delight with its exquisite design and fine craftsmanship. Don't miss your chance to add this exceptional coin to your collection today!

Norway 1964 - 1 Ore Bronze Coin - King Olav V - Squirrel and value

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