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The North Korea 1974 5 Chon Coin UNC is a beautiful and rare piece of numismatic history that any collector would be proud to add to their collection. This coin was minted in 1974 by the government of North Korea and features the image of the national emblem of North Korea on the obverse side. The emblem is a red star, which represents communism, surrounded by ears of rice, which symbolize agriculture, and a ribbon bearing the inscription "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" in Korean characters.

The reverse side of the coin features the denomination "5 Chon" in Korean characters and the year "1974" beneath it. The denomination is surrounded by a wreath of wheat ears, which represent the country's focus on agriculture and self-sufficiency.

This UNC (uncirculated) coin is in excellent condition, with no wear or damage from circulation. The detail on both sides of the coin is sharp and clear, and the coin has a beautiful luster that shines in the light. The North Korea 1974 5 Chon Coin UNC is a rare find and a valuable addition to any coin collection. It is a tangible piece of history that represents North Korea's political and economic systems during the mid-20th century.

North Korea 1974 5 Chon Coin UNC

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