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The Mozambique 100 Meticais Banknote from 1989, designated as P-130c, is a remarkable piece of numismatic history with several noteworthy features. Here's a detailed description:

1. **Country and Denomination**: The banknote hails from Mozambique, a southeastern African nation known for its diverse culture and natural beauty. It carries a denomination of 100 Meticais, which was the official currency of Mozambique at the time of issuance.

2. **Date and Series**: The banknote was issued in 1989, adding to its historical significance. It belongs to a specific series designated as P-130c, which helps collectors and enthusiasts identify its unique characteristics.

3. **Condition**: The banknote is classified as UNC (Uncirculated), indicating that it is in pristine condition with no signs of wear or handling. UNC banknotes are highly desirable among collectors due to their crisp appearance and originality.

4. **Design Elements**: The obverse side of the banknote features intricate artwork and design elements that reflect Mozambique's culture, heritage, and natural landscapes. These may include depictions of notable landmarks, indigenous flora and fauna, or significant historical figures.

5. **Security Features**: To prevent counterfeiting and ensure authenticity, the banknote likely incorporates various security features such as watermarks, security threads, and intricate patterns or designs that are visible under ultraviolet light.

6. **Historical Context**: The year 1989 marked a significant period in Mozambique's history, as the country was undergoing political and economic changes following its independence from colonial rule. Banknotes from this era serve as tangible artifacts of Mozambique's journey toward nationhood and development.

7. **Collector's Item**: For numismatists and collectors, the Mozambique 100 Meticais Banknote from 1989 is a valuable and sought-after item. Its combination of historical significance, artistic merit, and pristine condition makes it a prized addition to any collection of world banknotes.

Overall, the Mozambique 100 Meticais Banknote, issued in 1989 and classified as UNC, offers a fascinating glimpse into the culture, history, and artistry of Mozambique, making it a compelling piece for both collectors and enthusiasts of African numismatics.

Mozambique 100 Meticais Banknote, 1989, P-130c, UNC

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