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The Mexican 500 Pesos banknote from 1983, with catalogue reference number P-79, in "XF" condition, indicates that the note is "Extremely Fine" or "Extra Fine." Here are some key points about this banknote:

- **Denomination:** The banknote has a face value of 500 Pesos, denoting its worth in the Mexican currency system at the time of issuance.

- **Date:** It was issued in 1983, marking the year when it was introduced into circulation.

- **Condition:** "XF" condition suggests that the banknote is in a state of preservation where it might show some signs of handling or light circulation, but it remains overall well-preserved. It may have slight wear on the edges or corners and some minor folds, but the design and colors are still clear and relatively crisp.

- **Design:** The obverse side typically features significant figures, symbols, or scenes representing Mexican culture, heritage, or historical events. The reverse side often depicts notable landmarks, natural landscapes, or other elements of Mexican identity.

- **Catalogue Reference Number:** P-79 is the specific catalogue reference number used to identify this banknote among collectors and numismatists.

Overall, the Mexican 500 Pesos banknote from 1983 in XF condition is a valuable piece of Mexico's monetary history. While it has experienced some circulation, it still retains much of its original detail and appeal. If you have any further questions or need additional information, feel free to ask!

Mexico 500 Pesos 1983, P-79 XF

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