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The Mexican 100 Pesos banknote from 1982, with catalogue reference number P-74c, is a notable piece of currency from Mexico's history. Here are some key details about this banknote:

- Obverse: The obverse side typically features prominent figures or symbols representing Mexico's cultural heritage or historical significance. Specific imagery on this banknote might include portraits of famous individuals, national symbols, or scenes depicting important events related to Mexico.

- Reverse: The reverse side often showcases iconic landmarks, natural landscapes, or other significant aspects of Mexican culture and history. This side complements the obverse by providing additional context or representation of the country's heritage.

- Condition: "UNC" stands for "uncirculated," indicating that the banknote is in pristine condition, as if it had just been issued from the mint. Uncirculated banknotes typically have no signs of wear, folds, or creases, and their colors remain vibrant.

Overall, the Mexican 100 Pesos banknote from 1982 is a valuable piece of currency that may be sought after by collectors, especially in uncirculated condition. If you have any further questions or need more information, feel free to ask!

Mexico 100 Pesos 1982, P-74c Banknote UNC

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