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The Mexico 1 Peso banknote from 1954, bearing the catalog number P-59k.1, provides a fascinating glimpse into the economic and cultural landscape of Mexico during that era. Here's a detailed description of this intriguing world banknote:

1. **Issuer**: Mexico, a country renowned for its rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse heritage.

2. **Denomination**: The banknote holds a face value of 1 Peso, which was a common unit of currency in Mexico during the mid-20th century.

3. **Year of Issue**: 1954, a period marked by significant social, political, and economic developments in Mexico, including industrial growth and modernization efforts.

4. **Catalog Number**: Identified as P-59k.1, this catalog number serves as a unique identifier for collectors and enthusiasts, aiding in easy reference and categorization of the banknote.

5. **Condition**: Described as "Used," indicating that the banknote has been previously circulated in commerce. As a result, it may exhibit signs of wear and tear consistent with its age and usage, such as creases, folds, or minor discoloration.

6. **Front Design**: The obverse side of the banknote likely features prominent Mexican national symbols, historical figures, or cultural motifs. Specific details may vary depending on the variant of the banknote.

7. **Reverse Design**: The reverse side of the banknote likely showcases iconic Mexican landmarks, natural scenery, or national symbols. Again, specific details may vary based on the variant of the banknote.

8. **Historical Context**: The 1950s marked a period of economic growth and stability in Mexico, with the country experiencing significant industrialization and modernization. The issuance of banknotes like the 1954 Mexico 1 Peso reflects the need for stable and reliable currency to support Mexico's expanding economy.

9. **Collectible Value**: Despite its circulated condition, the 1954 Mexico 1 Peso P-59k.1 banknote holds historical and numismatic significance. Its association with a pivotal era in Mexico's development and its distinctive design elements make it an appealing collectible for enthusiasts interested in Mexican currency and history.

In summary, the Mexico 1 Peso 1954 P-59k.1 banknote offers a tangible connection to Mexico's past and serves as a testament to the country's economic progress and cultural heritage during the mid-20th century.

Mexico 1954 1 Peso P-59k.1, Used, World Banknote From Lot

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