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The Mauritania 200 Ouguiya banknote, issued in 2017 and designated as P-New, represents a significant milestone in the country's currency evolution. Here's a detailed description of this UNC polymer banknote:

1. **Country and Issuer**: The banknote originates from the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and is issued by the Central Bank of Mauritania, the country's official monetary authority.

2. **Denomination and Value**: With a denomination of 200 Ouguiya, this banknote reflects a substantial monetary value within the Mauritanian currency system. The Ouguiya serves as the official currency of Mauritania, facilitating economic transactions and commerce.

3. **Year of Issue**: The banknote was introduced into circulation in 2017, representing the latest iteration of Mauritania's currency. Its issuance marks a pivotal moment in the country's monetary policy and currency design.

4. **Polymer Composition**: Constructed from polymer substrate, this banknote offers enhanced durability, longevity, and resistance to wear and tear compared to traditional paper-based currency. Polymer banknotes are known for their advanced security features and tactile quality.

5. **Revalued and Redesigned**: The banknote may have undergone a revaluation process, reflecting adjustments in its face value relative to previous denominations or currency series. Additionally, the banknote features redesigned elements, including updated security features, aesthetic enhancements, and modernized imagery.

6. **Uncirculated Condition**: Designated as UNC (Uncirculated), this banknote is in pristine condition, free from the effects of circulation, handling, or damage. UNC banknotes are highly valued by collectors and enthusiasts for their superior quality and collectible appeal.

7. **Security Features**: As a modern banknote, it likely incorporates sophisticated security features to deter counterfeiting and ensure authenticity. These features may include holographic elements, microprinting, watermarks, and ultraviolet (UV) fluorescence, among others.

8. **Aesthetic Elements**: The banknote's design likely showcases various aesthetic elements, such as intricate artwork, cultural motifs, national symbols, and depictions of prominent figures or landmarks significant to Mauritania's history, culture, and heritage.

9. **Collector's Item**: Due to its unique features, revaluation, redesigned elements, and UNC condition, the Mauritania 200 Ouguiya 2017 P-New banknote holds considerable appeal among banknote collectors, numismatists, and enthusiasts interested in African currency and polymer banknotes.

In summary, the Mauritania 200 Ouguiya 2017 P-New UNC polymer banknote represents a blend of monetary innovation, cultural significance, and collector value. Its revaluation, redesign, and polymer composition contribute to its appeal as a noteworthy addition to any banknote collection or numismatic portfolio.

Mauritania, 200 Ouguiya, 2017, P-24a, UNC POLYMER, Revalued, Redesigned

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