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### Libya 1 Dinar Banknote, 2009 ND, P-71, UNC

#### Product Description

Explore the rich heritage and captivating artistry of Libyan currency with our pristine Libya 1 Dinar Banknote, issued in 2009 (ND), cataloged as P-71. This uncirculated (UNC) note is a perfect addition to any collection, offering a window into the cultural and historical landscape of Libya.

#### Features:

- **Condition:** Uncirculated (UNC) - This note is in mint condition, free from any signs of wear, ensuring it retains its original crispness and vibrant details.
- **Year of Issue:** 2009 (ND)
- **Catalog Number:** P-71

#### Design Highlights:

- **Obverse:** The front of the note features an intricate portrait of Omar Mukhtar, a national hero celebrated for his resistance against colonial rule. The detailed engraving highlights his dignified expression, capturing the spirit of Libyan resilience.
- **Reverse:** The back showcases an artistic depiction of the Arch of Marcus Aurelius, a testament to Libya's ancient history and architectural splendor. This iconic structure from Tripoli stands as a symbol of the country's rich past.
- **Color Scheme:** A harmonious blend of greens and blues gives this note an eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing appearance, making it a standout piece in any collection.

#### Additional Information:

- **Dimensions:** Standard banknote size, ensuring it fits well within any protective sleeve or display case.
- **Security Features:** Includes advanced security features typical of modern banknotes, such as watermarks, security threads, and intricate designs to prevent counterfeiting.

Whether you're an avid collector or a history enthusiast, the Libya 1 Dinar Banknote from 2009 is a remarkable piece that offers both aesthetic appeal and historical significance. Secure yours today and enrich your collection with this stunning example of Libyan currency.

#### Why Choose Cool Coins & Notes?

At Cool Coins & Notes, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality numismatic items. Our commitment to authenticity, excellent customer service, and a wide selection of rare and beautiful currency makes us the preferred choice for collectors worldwide. Add this exceptional Libya 1 Dinar Banknote to your collection and experience the allure of Libyan heritage through its captivating currency.

Libya 1 Dinar Banknote, 2009 ND, P-71, UNC Gaddafi

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