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The Liberia 5 Dollars banknote from 1989, designated as P-19, is a beautiful piece of currency that features vibrant colors and intricate designs. On the obverse side of the note, you will find the portrait of Joseph Jenkins Roberts, the first President of Liberia. The reverse side showcases the Bank of Liberia headquarters in Monrovia, the country's capital city.

The banknote measures 156 x 66 mm and is made of high-quality paper, ensuring durability and longevity. Its crisp and sharp details make it a collector's item or a valuable addition to any currency collection.

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the Liberia 5 Dollars 1989 note also has significant historical significance. It was issued during a time when Liberia was going through a period of political and economic instability, making it a poignant representation of the country's struggle for stability and progress.

Overall, the Liberia 5 Dollars 1989 P-19 banknote is a beautiful and historically significant piece of currency that any collector or enthusiast would be proud to own. Its striking design and notable history make it a must-have for any currency collection.


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