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The Italian 5000 Lire banknote from 1985, with catalogue reference number P-111c, is a notable piece of currency from Italy's history. Here are some key features of this banknote:

- **Denomination:** The banknote has a face value of 5000 Lire, which was a significant amount of currency at the time of its circulation.

- **Date:** It was issued in 1985, marking the year when it entered circulation.

- **Design:** The obverse typically features prominent figures, symbols, or scenes representing Italian culture, history, or achievements. The reverse side often showcases significant landmarks, artwork, or other elements of Italian identity.

- **Security Features:** Like other banknotes, the 5000 Lire note likely incorporates various security features to prevent counterfeiting. These may include watermarks, security threads, intricate designs, and special printing techniques.

- **Catalogue Reference Number:** P-111c is the specific catalogue reference number assigned to this banknote by collectors and numismatists for identification purposes.

Overall, the Italian 5000 Lire banknote from 1985 is an important piece of Italy's monetary history and may hold value to collectors and enthusiasts of banknotes. If you have any further questions or need more information, feel free to ask!

Italy 5000 Lire, 1985, P-111c, Used Banknote

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