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The Israel 5 Lirot coin from 1979 is a piece of Israeli currency with both historical and numismatic value. Here is some general information about this coin:

**Israel 5 Lirot Coin - 1979:**

1. **Denomination:** 5 Lirot - The face value of the coin, denominated in Israeli currency.

2. **Year of Issue:** 1979 - The year when the coin was minted.

3. **Condition:** UNC (Uncirculated) - This designation indicates that the coin is in pristine condition, having not been used in regular transactions.

4. **Design:** The design of the coin typically includes artistic elements, national symbols, and portraits relevant to Israel. Specific design features can vary based on the series and issuing authority.

5. **Metal Composition:** The coin is likely made of a specific metal or alloy. In the case of Israeli coins, compositions can include copper, nickel, and other materials.

6. **Obverse Design:** The front side of the coin, often called the obverse, usually features a central motif, possibly a portrait or a symbol.

7. **Reverse Design:** The back side of the coin, known as the reverse, typically includes a different motif or emblem.

8. **Edge:** Some coins have inscriptions or designs on the edge, providing additional details.

9. **Mintage:** The total quantity of these coins minted in 1979, affecting its availability and potential collector's value.

10. **Collector's Value:** UNC coins are generally more desirable among collectors, and factors such as rarity, historical significance, and the condition of the coin contribute to its collector's value.

11. **Numismatic References:** To obtain more detailed information about the specific features, historical background, and collector's value of the Israel 5 Lirot coin from 1979, you may consult specialized numismatic catalogs, auction records, or seek guidance from experienced numismatists who specialize in Israeli currency.

If you have the coin in hand and want more precise information, you may consider consulting with a professional numismatist or referring to online numismatic forums where collectors share insights and experiences related to specific coins.

Israel 1979 5 Livot Coin UNC

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