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The Israel 1978 50 Sheqalim banknote, certified by PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) as UNC (Uncirculated) 66 PPQ (Premium Paper Quality), with catalogue reference number Pick 46a, is a significant piece of currency from Israel's history. Here are some key details about this banknote:

- **Denomination:** The banknote has a face value of 50 Sheqalim, representing its worth in the Israeli currency system at the time of issuance.

- **Date:** It was issued in 1978, marking the year when it entered circulation.

- **Certification:** PCGS, known primarily for grading coins, also grades banknotes. A grade of UNC 66 PPQ indicates that the banknote is in exceptional uncirculated condition with premium paper quality. It suggests that the note has no signs of handling, folding, or other impairments, and the paper is of high quality.

- **Design:** The obverse side typically features significant figures, symbols, or scenes representing Israeli culture, history, or achievements. The reverse side often depicts important landmarks, national symbols, or other elements of Israeli identity.

- **Catalogue Reference Number:** Pick 46a is the specific catalogue reference number assigned to this banknote by collectors and numismatists for identification purposes.

Overall, the Israel 1978 50 Sheqalim banknote certified by PCGS as UNC 66 PPQ is a highly desirable and valuable piece for collectors of Israeli currency and numismatics in general. If you have any further questions or require additional information, feel free to ask!

Israel 1978 50 Sheqalim Certified PCGS Banknote UNC 66 PPQ Pick 46a

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