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The description "INDONESIA 1000 Rupiah 1987, P-124 UNC" refers to a banknote issued by Indonesia with the following details:

1. **Country:** Indonesia - The nation associated with the issuance of the banknote.

2. **Denomination:** 1000 Rupiah - The face value of the banknote.

3. **Year of Issue:** 1987 - The year when the banknote was issued.

4. **Catalog Designation (P-124):** The catalog number (P-124) is a reference used by collectors and numismatists to identify and categorize the banknote. It is part of the standard cataloging system for world banknotes.

5. **Condition:** UNC (Uncirculated) - This indicates that the banknote is in pristine, uncirculated condition, showing no signs of wear or handling.

The specific design and features of the banknote, including any notable imagery, historical figures, or security features, can vary based on the country's design choices during that period.

If you have this Indonesian 1000 Rupiah banknote and are interested in its collector's value or historical significance, you may consider consulting with numismatic experts or referring to specialized catalogs and literature on Indonesian banknotes. The condition of the banknote and its rarity can influence its collector's value.

INDONESIA 1000 Rupiah 1987, P-124 UNC

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