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The India 1936 C 1/12 Anna Coin P/L Restrike AU is a stunning piece of currency that is both rare and collectible. Made from copper, this coin features a beautiful design that is sure to captivate any numismatist or history enthusiast.

On the obverse side of the coin, you will find the image of King George V, who was the ruler of the British Empire at the time the coin was minted. The king is depicted in profile, with his title "GEORGE V KING EMPEROR" inscribed around the perimeter of the coin.

The reverse side of the coin showcases the Indian denomination "1/12 Anna" and the year of minting, 1936. The design is completed with the image of a lotus flower, which is an important symbol in Indian culture.

This particular coin is a restrike, which means that it was struck after the original year of issue. It has a proof-like (P/L) finish, which gives it a mirror-like surface and enhances the details of the design. The coin is also graded as AU (About Uncirculated), which means that it has minimal wear and retains much of its original luster.

With a diameter of just 16mm and a weight of 0.95 grams, this coin is small and delicate, yet still substantial enough to hold and admire. It is a rare and valuable piece of Indian history that is sure to be treasured by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Overall, the India 1936 C 1/12 Anna Coin P/L Restrike AU is a stunning and historic piece of currency that is a must-have for any serious coin collector. Its intricate design, rare status, and excellent condition make it a true gem of numismatics.

India 1936 C 1/12 Anna Coin P/L Restrike AU

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