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The Guatemala 1 Quetzal banknote from May 1, 1977 (P-59c) in circulated condition is a piece of historical currency. Here's some general information:

**Guatemala 1 Quetzal Banknote (P-59c):**

1. **Denomination:** 1 Quetzal - The face value of the banknote.

2. **Date of Issue:** May 1, 1977 - The date when the banknote was released.

3. **Catalog Designation (P-59c):** P-59c is the reference number assigned to this specific banknote in numismatic catalogs, helping collectors identify and categorize different types of currency.

4. **Condition:** Circulated (Cir) - This indicates that the banknote has been used in regular transactions and shows signs of wear, folds, and handling. The degree of wear can vary.

5. **Design Details:** The design of the banknote likely includes artistic elements, portraits, or symbols representing Guatemala's cultural and historical heritage. Different denominations and issues may have varying designs.

6. **Security Features:** Look for any security features that were incorporated into the banknote to prevent counterfeiting. These features may include watermarks, holographic elements, and intricate patterns.

7. **Serial Number:** Each banknote has a unique serial number, providing a distinct identifier.

8. **Historical Context:** Consider the historical context in which the banknote was issued. In 1977, Guatemala was undergoing political and social changes, and the banknote reflects aspects of that era.

9. **Collector's Value:** Circulated banknotes are often more affordable for collectors, and the value depends on factors such as rarity, historical significance, and the condition of the note.

**Note:** To get more detailed information about the specific design, historical background, and collector's value of the Guatemala 1 Quetzal banknote (P-59c) in circulated condition, it is recommended to consult specialized numismatic catalogs, coin dealers, or online numismatic communities where collectors share insights about currency from Guatemala.

Guatemala 1 Quetzal, 5.1.1977 P-59c Circulated (Cir)

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