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Step into the vibrant history of Guatemala with the enchanting Guatemala 1 Centavo 1936 KM-249 Coin, now available at Cool Coins & Notes.

Crafted during the Republic period (1841-date), this standard circulation coin is a testament to Guatemala's rich cultural heritage. With a mintage of 1,500,000, each coin encapsulates a piece of Guatemala's numismatic legacy.

Measuring 20 millimeters in diameter and 1.3 millimeters in thickness, this round coin is meticulously crafted from nickel brass, comprising 79% copper, 20% zinc, and 1% nickel. Weighing 3 grams, it boasts a classic design and meticulously milled edges, showcasing the fine craftsmanship synonymous with Guatemalan numismatics.

The obverse of the coin features the denomination of 1 Centavo, while the reverse side may bear the coat of arms or other symbolic imagery, adding to the coin's historical significance and visual appeal.

Although demonetized on 6 January 1997, this coin remains a cherished piece of Guatemalan history, sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike for its historical significance and numismatic value.

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of Guatemalan heritage. Purchase the Guatemala 1 Centavo 1936 KM-249 Coin today at Cool Coins & Notes and add a touch of elegance and authenticity to your collection.

Guatemala 1 Centavo 1936 KM-249 Coin Beautiful

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