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Introducing the Greece 25 Million Drachmas banknote, dated 1944 and designated as P-130. This remarkable banknote offers a fascinating glimpse into Greece's turbulent history during World War II and its struggle with hyperinflation.

On the obverse side of the banknote, you'll find intricate designs and patterns, along with the denomination prominently displayed. The Greek coat of arms may also be featured, symbolizing the nation's sovereignty and resilience during challenging times.

Flipping to the reverse side, you'll encounter additional ornate designs and possibly historical or allegorical figures representing Greece's cultural heritage and national identity.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and printed on high-quality paper, this UNC (Uncirculated) banknote preserves the historical significance and monetary value of Greece during the tumultuous period of World War II.

Whether you're a passionate collector of world banknotes or a history enthusiast fascinated by the events of World War II, the Greece 25 Million Drachmas banknote is sure to be a valuable addition to your collection. Don't miss the opportunity to own this piece of history – order now and enrich your collection today!

Greece 25 Million Drachmas 1944, P-130 UNC WW2 World Banknote

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